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Digital Voice Messaging - GOLD

How Digital Voice Messaging GOLD works:

With CRMU's Digital Voice Messaging System you will never miss a call again. With Digital Voice Messaging when someone calls and your line is busy, or if nobody answers, the call will roll to digital voice mail. If you have a message it will indicate it by a "stutter dial tone" when you pick up your phone. You can retrieve your messages from any other phone by using your personal passcode.

Click here to get the detailed Digital Voicemail User Guide

Digital Voice Messaging GOLD Exciting Features:

Email Notification: this feature allows you to not only store your messages in your voice mailbox, but it also converts the message into an email. You can listen to or forward your messages, save or delete them from your voice mailbox.

Internet Control:
this service allows you to access your voicemail to retrieve messages, save or delete messages and make changes to your service from a website. You will receive a User ID and Password to ensure complete privacy.Coon Rapids Municipal Utilities is a locally-owned and locally-controlled utility company. We provide electric, natural gas, water, wastewater and communications products and services.

create customized mailboxes for each family member (up to nine). You can also customize greetings for each member!

Auto Login: this feature allows you quick access to your mailbox when you are calling from the voicemail phone. You get immediate access to your voice mailbox without being asked to enter a User ID or Password.

Pager or Phone Notification: great for people on the go. A reminder page or phone call alerts you when you have a new message left in your mailbox.

Daily Notification: this feature allows you to set up a time of day to notify you that you have a new voice message.

Message Reply: if the caller presses 5 while the message is playing, the service will attempt to place a call to the person (the number dialed from that left the message - local calls only).