Call Waiting

How Call Waiting Works:
You'll never miss another call while you're on the phone with call waiting! You simply put your first call on hold, speak to the second caller, and then retrieve your first call. A special tone alerts you to a waiting call; the person calling you hears normal ringing.

How To Answer A Waiting Call:
1. Listen for the Call Waiting tone.
2. You have two choices:

Disconnect the first call and talk to the second caller by:
- Hang up to disconnect the first call.
- Your telephone rings.
- Lift the telephone handset.
- Talk to the second caller.


Put the first call on hold and talk to the second caller by:
- Press and release the telephone switchhook.
- The first call is put on hold and you are connected to the second caller.
- Talk to the second caller.
- To return to the first call, press and release telephone switchhook.

To Turn Off Waiting (for that call only):
1. Lift the telephone handset. Listen for dialtone.
2. Dial *70.
3. Listen for 3 tones, then dial tone.
4. Make your call.

The "switchhook" is the button the handset pushes down when you hang up your phone. Some telephones have a Link or Flask key you can press instead.