Busy Redial

How Busy Redial Works:
Tired of wasting time redialing busy signals? Upon receiving a busy signal, simply dial our two-digit code and the automatic redial feature will ring your phone back as soon as the line becomes available for up to 30 mintues.

How To Use Busy Redial:
1. After you receive a busy signal, hang up the phones.
2. Pick up the phone and dial *66. If the line is still busy, the number of the last call you dialed will be automatically called back for 30 minutes.
3. As soon as the line bcomes available, your telephone will ring with a different ringing pattern to alert you. Simply pick up the phone, and the number that was busy earlier will be ringing.

To Turn Off Busy Redial:
If at any time after you have dialed *66, you decide you don't want to call the busy number back, pick up the phone and dial *86 to cancel your busy redial request.